Monday, 8 February 2016

Career Snapshot - Laura Kerslake - Work Experience Coordinator - Faculty of Arts

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we caught up with Laura Kerslake, one of the Work Experience Coordinators for the Faculty of Arts, to learn about how she came to work in a career that she loves. 

Why do you consider your role at the University of Alberta to be the perfect career for you? What aspects of your career did you fall in love with? 

When seeking out a career I always seemed to be “distracted” by opportunities that were outside of my studied discipline. I seemingly jumped at the opportunities that came my way because I have always been interested by so many different things. For me, having a career I loved required that there were new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow in the field. Through happenstance, I was able to land my current position as a Work Experience Coordinator with the Faculty of Arts. Wonderfully, this role provides many new challenges and learning opportunities while combining the fields of Arts and Career Education, industries I am very passionate about. After working in the Work Experience Coordinator position for just under a year now, I still feel like I have won the lottery. The reason I love my job is because everyday I get to be creative. I have the opportunity to be creative when constructing media pieces, communication plans, as well in creating strategies and plans for various presentations and projects. Everyday I have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, seeing projects through from start to finish, and together we work to achieve common goals. On a daily basis I am fortunate to work with wonderful students, educating them on the career management process and all the career experiential programs available to them. I really enjoy experiencing the process of a student coming into my office to learn about Work Experience, to assisting them in career coaching and the job application process, to hearing they have successfully landed a position, and to finally seeing how work experience has challenged and and/or solidified their career management process. I am very fortunate to receive great mentorship and support to grow and learn in my role on a daily basis, which is not something every career provides.  Finally I love that everyday is different with new challenges, which ultimately makes it really exciting to go to work! 

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