Friday, 26 February 2016

Career Snapshot - Lauren Romaniuk - Digital Asset Librarian - Instacart

Lauren Romaniuk's open mindset while considering her career options led her to taking advantage of numerous opportunities before she fell in love with an unexpected career.

"Why do I love librarianship? The skillset that librarians have is transferable to all sorts of workplaces, and many organizations are hungry for those skills. We (librarians) stand to make meaningful contributions in all sorts of domains if so choose. It’s just a matter of making our skills known!"

In this article, Lauren Romaniuk answers unconventional questions about her career path to becoming a digital asset librarian. While previously working in a recruitment position, Lauren learned the value of thoughtfully organizing information.  This was not a traditional setting for a librarian, but Lauren became fascinated with improving content and organizational structure. Eventually she realized, and subsequently pursued, her passion for librarianship. Lauren answers 13 questions about her experience finding a career that she loves, and even offers readers some advice on how to become involved in academic librarianship. 

To read the full article about Lauren's career journey please follow the link.

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