Thursday, 21 July 2016

Career Snapshots - Job Shadow Week - Shedding light on the benefits of hosting more than one job shadow participant

Jane Alm (centre) is a Senior Investment Advisor with National Bank Financial in Edmonton and a first time job shadow host with U of A Job Shadow Week. We asked Jane about her experience hosting two job shadow participants on the same day, at the same time.

Jing Meng (left) is a MBA student majoring in Finance with a background in mathematics, accounting and price analysis. This was her first time job shadowing.
Stephanie Qin (right) is an international student majoring in Finance with a minor in Management Information Systems. She is a senior peer at the International Centre and first-time job shadow participant.

From our e-interview with Jane Alm:
What is your role at Angus Watt Advisory Group?
In my role I build relationships with clients to get an understanding of their needs and changes to those needs. I lend my knowledge of options strategies, wealth management, retirement planning and asset allocation, and offer experience that ensures my clients are comfortable with their investments and decisions so that they understand how their needs/goals will impact them, their family, their retirement expectations, etc.

What made hosting two job shadow participants at the same time a unique for both you and the participants?
The two participants seemed to feed off each other with both questions and answers. It helped them to be more comfortable and more open.

How do you think the participants benefited from sharing you as a job shadow host?
All the members of our team participated throughout the day so the participants had access to a diverse group of individuals in various roles.

What did you gain as a professional from hosting your job shadow participants?
We gained greater knowledge into their perspectives and insight into their thought process as well as their perceptions about our industry.

What advice would you give to other hosts on how to manage two job shadow participants?
Preparing for two job shadowers at the same time is no different than preparing for one participant; in fact, it is likely easier because they ask more questions which requires less 
probing as they were more forthcoming.

From our e-interview with Stephanie Qin and Jing Meng:
What made sharing a job shadow host with another student a unique experience for you?
Stephanie: Sharing the job shadow actually created a supportive and flexible environment. We both came up with different questions to ask and it gave me a chance to hear things I never thought about before. 
Jing:  It was interesting to meet a fellow student with the same career interest to job shadow with.

How do you think you benefited from sharing a job shadow host?
Stephanie: It is always great to meet new people both from school and diverse industry professionals. After the job shadow we shared our experience with one another, our perceptions and ideas.
Jing: I gained a new perspective from Stephanie and it made the experience that much better when we were able to share each other’s point of view.

What advice would you give to other students about sharing a job shadow experience?
Stephanie: Be sure to prepare questions ahead of time. The job shadow host might introduce you to all of the other team members so it is very important for participants to do some research online beforehand on LinkedIn or on the organization’s website. This way you can have better conversations because you have a starting point or topics to ask about. 


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