Friday, 15 April 2016

Career Snapshot - Chris Bacivan - Job Shadow Week Participant 

We caught up with Chris Bacivan, an Alumni of the UofA who completed his undergrad in 2014 with a B.Sc in Chemical Engineering. For the past two years Chris has been working at Deloitte LLP as a Reservoir Engineer where he focused on oil and gas reserve estimation, statistical resource studies, economic evaluations, and energy advisory services.  

Why did you choose to participate in Job Shadow Week?

I chose to participate in Job Shadow Week to gain insight on career paths for engineers, gain exposure to the realities of the workplace, and develop my network of industry professionals. 

Who did you shadow? What did you do?

I narrowed the list of 205 hosts down to a single company, C-FER Technologies.  C-FER was the best match for my education, career path, interests, and curiosity. The company helps clients by de-risking new technologies using testing, analysis, and applied R&D. C-FER’s world-class testing facility, which I got to visit, pushes vendor products like pumps, pipes, valves, and fittings, to their limits. I shadowed Brian Wagg, the Director of Business Development and Planning at C-FER Technologies. We spent the afternoon together discussing our career paths, work experiences, and the industry. Brian did a really great job of explaining C-FERs business model. He also shared with me some great advice and even put me in touch with a contact so that I can expand my industry network. We took a break from the meeting room and toured the office. Brian showed me the large-scale testing facility which was made up of hydraulic machines, thick concrete walls, and heavy equipment scattered in various corners of the massive industrial shop. 

Who would benefit from the Job Shadow program? And why?

I highly recommend the UofA Job Shadow Week to students and alumni. I personally wish I had this program during my undergrad because it would have helped me understand what options I have after graduation. It’s not a big time commitment and the Career Centre does so much work to ensure students get a wide range of hosts that are qualified, professional and ready to mentor. Who you would like to shadow were you to participate in the program again? If I were to participate in this program again I would like to shadow an investment banker, equity analyst/associate, or portfolio manager. 

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